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Japanese Ranking of Environmental Reports

The Japanese Ranking of Environmental Reports was carried out by Kino Kankyo. Kino Kanakyo is a non-profit organization for helping EMS construction at the small and medium organization, which is established by the members of Kyoto Seika University.
On their Website Kino Kankyo describes the ranking and provides the public with the results. The following paragraphs are the English translation of parts of Japanese Ranking Website.

1. Ranking and its organizers
In our environmental report ranking project, we evaluated the Japanese environment reports, which were published in 2000, using Ranking der Umweltberichte 2000 - criteria which is developed by IOEW and future e.V in Germany.

2. The number of the organizations for our ranking
The objects of our ranking project are 148 organizations which sent us their reports among the organizations registered as an environment report published in the website http://eco.goo.ne.jp/env_report/index.html
It is said that more than 340 organizations of Japan published an environmental reports in 2000. In 2001 it is estimated that there are more than 400 reports.

3. Grouping in 3 grades
After marking the points for each report, we grouped the reports basically in 3 grades A, B and C. That is, the best 20 organizations belong to A class, next 40 organizations to B class and other 88 organizations to C-class. The name, points and ranking of the organizations which belong to A are fully published in website. For next 40 organizations their names were published on website. The names of the C class organizations are not published by the Japanese ranking.

For B class and C class we sent individually them the list of the criteria with the check for insufficient description. The number of organizations by industry, which belong to the best 20 and next 40.are listed in Table 1.

  Name of company Industry Sector Points
1 Kirin Brewery co.,Ltd Foods 299,95
2 Tokkyo Gas Co.,Ltd Electricity,Gas 257,55
3 Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd Vehicle(Auto) 255,95
4 Ricoh.Co.Ltd Electronics 253,3
5 Matsushita Electric-industrial Co.Ltd Electronics 251,6
6 Konica Cororation Chemical;Petroleum 243,35
7 Canon Inc. Electrronics 242,6
8 Toto Ltd. Rubber;Ceramics* 241,75
9 Suntory Limited Foods 240,15
10 Seiko Epson Corporation Electronics 240
11 Toyota Motor Corporation Vehicle(Auto) 237,55
12 Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd Miscellaneous Industry 235,1
13 Sharp Corporation Electronics 235
14 IBM Japan Ltd. Electronics 233,4
15 Fujitu Electronics 233,3
16 NEC Corporation Electronics 232,45
17 Kokuyo Co.Ltd. Miscellaneous Industry** 227,5
18 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Electronics 218,5
19 The Seibu Department Stores Ltd. Commerce 216,75
20 Toshiba Corporation Electronics 216,7

Naohiko Ando
Kyoto-Seika University
137, Iwakura-Kino-machi
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan